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Trio set to to return for Everton

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Amidst the ongoing Frank Lampard saga there is some on-field news coming out of the club today, and positive news at that too.

From The Guardian:

Manuel Pellegrini confirmed on Friday that all three are ready to face Roberto Martínez's side: "Agüero and Dzeko both are in the squad list. Also Kompany - the three of them."

It would be a surprise if any of the trio started against Everton, but I'm sure the temptation will be there to get them back into action (particularly Dzeko and Aguero). Pellegrini though will be mindful of the fixtures over the coming weeks where City will face Arsenal and Chelsea, with Barcelona also looming large on the horizon.

Of particular concern will be the susceptibility of Aguero and Kompany in particular to muscle injuries, something that can only be exacerbated following a spell on the sidelines.

Expect a safety approach with the long term view being that they will be needed down what will undoubtedly be a crucial final stretch of the season.