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Matija Nastasic joins Schalke on loan

Schalke confirm signing of Nastasic on loan (with an option to buy in summer)

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

The inevitable exit: Schalke have confirmed signing of Nastasic on loan with an option to buy in summer.

Bild reports that Schalke will pay a £1.6m loan fee, his wages during loan tenure & the option to buy is for £10m.

Nastasic did well from day one & quickly developed into one of hottest young defenders in world. So what changed, so quickly & dramatically? From starter at an elite club to losing his place even on bench to Boyata?

Nastasic was unintended consequence of the change in playing style & philosophy at City, from a compact defense minded to attacking and expansive style of play.

However, was he worse suited than Boyata? Or was there something else? In a few press conferences Pellegrini informed, almost as if it was a afterthought, that he was injured. Injured for most of 6 months now with no return dates & no clear explanation. 

Amount of games he plays & recurring injuries he suffers in next 6 months at Schalke, may give a peep  to Pellegrini's claim. May be we will never know what really happened between the club & Nastasic. May be we will never know why such curious development occurred under a manager regarded for man-management and youth development.

But what we know is, Schalke has got one heck of a talent & they should treasure him. In fact, Nastasic is in one of finest environments to harness his talent. Schalke is renowned for developing talent - they have the patience, experience & skills to help him succeed. In Roberto Di Matteo, he can find his new Roberto Mancini - a manager who shares same football style to his City manager.

This is one of those exits which will sadden City fans, but they will want him to leave in hope & expectation that he becomes the player he has potential to be.