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Can An Englishman Make Our Team?

Who amongst the Three Lions could possibly start for our team? Does the question indicate how tough it is to go local? Inquiring minds want to know, right?

Jamie Squire

Just a quick question as we gear up for previews, match threads, five thoughts and analysis galore this weekend: can an English player make our outfield ten?

In order to answer, we have to assess who are very best eleven players are right? I know it depends on the opponent, the formation, the form of the player, etc. and there's a reason why we're attacking trophies with depth but here goes...

LB--Glichy or Kolarov (I can't decide which)


CB--DeMichelis (holding the fort for Mangala)




CM--Fernando Fernandinho



ST--Dzeko or Jovetic. Let's say Dzeko.

If we play with one striker, this question is tougher to answer and it's pretty damn complicated as it is. I'd still take Wayne Rooney right now at the forward position over Dzeko though I'd certainly entertain arguments. Ditto Daniel Sturridge. But other than that? Ross Barkley maybe? I'll defer to our knowledgeable commentary folk for this one. Have at it after the poll.