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Post Match Thoughts: Hull City 2 - 4 Manchester City

Gareth Copley

With a fast start to the match, City set out to make it known that they weren’t going to let a team like Hull (i.e. Stoke) hang around and give them confidence, so the boys got two quick first half goals. Both were top class finishes from Aguero with a no look finish and Dzeko with a lovely curling effort from the top of the box. But the soccer Gods giveith, the soccer Gods take away. A nightmare 15 minutes from Mangala, who was so good against Chelsea, started with an own goal (It was a hell of a goal) and poor play on a ball in the box leveled the score late in the first half. If City were to prove their champions mentality, this would be a big game for the boys to do so. As the first half winded down, and the score level, Hull City looked more and more confident going forward and holding possession in attack, which is something we saw from Stoke a few games back.

The second half was a more back and forth affair, with Hull City getting good chance to get a goal up on City. When the game looked destine for a draw, a lovely pass from Silva found the run of Dzeko just inside the box and the Bosnian found the goal to make it 3-2 to the good. Towards the end of the game Hull were looking ever so close to drawing level and breaking the hearts of City fans, but on a counter attack a lovely run by Zabaleta in to the box ended with another goal from that ma, Frank Lampard.

I’ll single out Mangala here because I have yet to see him play on a FULL SCREEN TV and he did impress me, not in his defensive efforts (because some were better than others) but in his resiliency to come back from a nightmaric first half and get back to form in the second half. We all know how good he is, and will be, for the team, but it’s more refreshing to see him not let his first half effect his second half. Fair play to the Frenchman. Allons-y!

And there it is, the mentality of champions to go up, the go level and the back up to finish the game. It was something that was missing from our repeat campaign two seasons ago and something that looked unapparent in our match against Stoke, but today was different. In the end this game might not need much, but it could be very important for the teams psyche as we have a tough stretch of matches coming up, as well as, the rest of the season. An important match against Roma midweek, can’t wait to see that one.

Aguero (7) - Had a good time being a menace to the Hull back four, always looking to take a shot at goal and being the starter of attacks at net.

Dzeko (8) - Wonderful goal and doing a good job to hold up the ball in the attack half. He may not anything spectacular during the game, but when he gets the slightest of chances he makes the best of it…..For the most part.

Silva (8) - he quarterback, the engine that runs the ship that is City and what an engine he is. His ability to not only pick out the right passes, some times in expensive of a shot on goal, while holding possession amongst challenges is invaluable. Today he was up to his tricks, measuring a beautiful ball to Dzeko for the 3rd goal.

Milner (7) - All over the pitch again today, and it speak volumes of his professionalism. His work rate in defense is a key allowing the attacker full backs and midfielder push forward in attack.

Yaya (6) - Much more involved today, looking more like the Yaya of old. Some wayward strikes from right outside the box, but that rocket from distance was a Yaya-esque shot.

Fernandinho (6) - His ability to stop counter attacks is an invaluable element of our defense and today was another example of how effective he is in that position. When he see’s an opportunity to get a tackle in he takes, sometimes in expensive of a card.

Zaba (6) - Great in his attacking role today and even getting the assist on the Aguero goal. His attacking prowess keeps teams at bay, but it’s his work ethic to get back from his attacks is what City miss when he is out.

Kompany (7) - I mean what more can you say about this man without revealing your man crush for him? He reads the game so well, intercepting passes in the box, heading balls into the box away and keeping the defense organized.

Mangala (4) - Horrific day for the new boy in just his second EPL start, a poor challenge on a ball in the box was not something we will see from him this season. Or at least I hope. Other than that horrid start, he calmed down and played solidly in the second half, which is a good sign of his ability to forget about the past.

Clichy (6) - Good job defensively and in getting forward to offer support down the left.

Caballero (6) - With the saves he had to make he did well. His veteran leadership between the sticks will be huge when Hart is either struggling, or needs a break.


Lampard - SUPER FRANK!