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Who should start vs. Sheffield Wednesday

Provided we have anybody left who isn't hurt or too tired.

Laurence Griffiths

UPDATE: It's time for Pozo!

When I see headline like this, I get scared. Aguero, Silva, Nasri, Jovetic and Fernando are all out for tomorrow.

We preface this exercise in punditry by stating a fact: Manuel Pellegrini is better at this than we are. He's been at it longer than we have, he made some brilliant calls against Chelsea and he's got two more English trophies than we do. With that said, it ain't stopping us from having fun.

Though I admit this is tougher than most. In previous weeks, we've been doing pretty well (those of us who thought Pelle would go with two strikers against Chelsea should take a bow). I've been monitoring the comments and no one is making wholly outrageous choices. It's tough to make an outrageous choice when you have 22 players good enough to start for the vast majority of teams in Europe (and before the year is out, that number could climb).

I'm predicting this lineup will have the most deviations in both comments and on match day. That said, let's get after it.

GK-Willy Caballero because if not, why is he here? Hart could, of course, play but it would be an enormous blow to Caballero if he doesn't start. He was awfully strong in preseason which seems like a very long time ago. I think he's better than Pantillimon and I further think Caballero will win games for us.

RB-Bacary Sagna who has been doing just fine, thanks for asking. I never knew how well Sagna could defend. The Arsenal crowd was just blistering this guy last year but he's been very good for us in my not-so-humble opinion.

CB-Martin Demichelis who is well rested.

CB-Matija Nastasic health permitting. If not, Mangala. I expect most of my wonderful commenters will put Mangala here but I'd really like to know if Nastasic is anything like the wonderful young talent we saw two years ago.

LB-Aleksander Kolarov to be subbed out by Gael Glichy, or vice versa. Anyting to keep them fresh for Hull City on Saturday.

RW-Jesus Navas who is as much a fun player to watch as we have.

CM-Frank Lampard coming off a heroic performance, even though Milner deserves the lion's share of the credit for that goal but hey, who's complaining? Super Frank provides much needed rest for either Toure and Fernandinho.

CM-Either Fernandinho or Yaya Toure. I don't play either one of them, especially the Brazilian because he's logged so many minutes. If I were to guess, I'd say Fernandinho.

CM-James Milner, provided he's not too tired from playing fifteen different positions this past Sunday.

LW-Scott Sinclair, another guy who looked great in the preseason and is currently chomping at the bit to show what he can do.

ST-Edin Dzeko who is, as of this moment, our last healthy striker (sobs). UPDATE: Slot Pozo here.

That's a lot talent for an opening round Capital One Cup match but I do think Pelle wants to defend the title and not for nothing but Sheffield Wednesday can play a little bit. They've been selling players for years but with some incoming foreign money (Thailand), the players have been playing some inspired football. That, combined with the massive effort against Chelsea could lead one to believe this is a classic 'trap' game. We all reveled when MK Dons handed the rags their collective backsides. So did Pellegrini, which is why I don't think the Chilean will allow it to happen.

Prediction: Manchester City 4-1 Sheffield Wednesday