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Huws makes Wigan move permanent

Don Wright-USA TODAY Sports

One that came somewhat out of the blue:

There was really nothing to link Huws with a permanent move away from the club whatsoever until early evening when the story broke. Huws had moved on a short term basis to Wigan this summer after an impressive summer to the US and the expectation had been that this would be a good test for him ahead of a return back to City and to re-assess him.

The club though have really sought to clear the decks this summer of some of the fringe members of the squad, recouping a fair amount in transfer fees in the process, and for all the promise he appears to have shown clearly feel that Huws does not have what it takes to make the necessary step up to the first team.

The move will meet with consternation (as it often does whenever an Academy player departs) and there is the risk of having given up on a young player too early. Huws is aged 20 and has plenty of time to develop but from a City perspective do they feel that at this age and stage of his development that he is not where the club feel they need an Academy player to be?