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Newcastle v City: Game Thread

The boys are back!

Alex Livesey

We've finally arrived at match #1 for the reigning champions of England. Time to get started!


And the subs:

Definitely some talking points here. First, Gael Clichy is starting again at RB. Neither Zabaleta nor Sagna played in the preseason or Community Shield, but this is still a bit of a surprise. Secondly, Fernando gets the nod over Fernandinho. Not totally shocking, but yeah. Lastly, the bench is pretty interesting. Boyata in, Nastasic out. Strange? I think we all agree Aguero should start from the bench, though. Stevan Jovetic gets his chance to shine, and Dzeko will want to keep Dzeko'ing his way into our hearts.

Who's excited for this one? Comment away...