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Five in Five: Predictions

The final part of our season opener countdown.

Shaun Botterill

Previous posts can be found here but the final one brings us to the predictions. Just what do the writers think City will achieve this season? Let's find out...

Danny Pugsley:

Premier League: Second
FA Cup: Winners
Capital One Cup: Quarter finals
Champions League: Semi-final

Suffering Bruin:

Premier League: Winners.
FA Cup: Winners.
Capital One Cup: Winners.
Champions League: Quarterfinals.

A J Howard:

A lot of the title buzz has gone in the direction of Chelsea and City in the lead-in to the start of the season. Right now, I'll say City retain the PL title but that prediction is likely to change a thousand times between now and the Newcastle game. In the Champions League, last season's knockout-round experience and an improved squad gives City a far better chance. I'll predict they'll win in the round of 16 but lose in a very good quarterfinal, maybe on away goals. Another good run in the domestic cups wouldn't surprise, either, but success in both of those compeititions will come down to squad rotation and where the fixtures are compared to the two priority competitions.

Zac MacPhee:

Premier League runners-up (to Chelsea)
FA Cup winners
League Cup winners
Champions League semifinalists. Perhaps, a bit ambitious, but anything short of the quarterfinals will be a disappointment.


With a bit of bias, okay a lot of bias, City will repeat as champions, but this time with a bit more ease and a lot less heart wrenching. If I'm being a bit less bias, I believe Chelsea will win the League, but we a lot more of challenge from City and Arsenal with City finishing a close second (Disclaimer: I'm very superstitious, so I don't like picking my team to win anything because of the bad karma).

City will win the F.A. Cup, and with the ownership group placing importance on winning all the trophies we can, this will be an important one for City this season. When it comes to the Capitol One Cup "been there done that!" Slightly kidding, but I think a quarterfinal exit is in our future this year, which won't be the worst thing considering all the other competitions we'll be in this season.

When it comes to Champions League, it will depend on the group we are "randomly grouped into". But regardless, I believe we will City in the quarterfinals this season.


Premier League: 1st
League Cup: Semifinals
FA Cup: Winners
Champions League: Quarterfinals


Top 2 in PL, at the least. Compared to last season, we may have an easier pot in CL - so a run till quarters. An FA cup would do for those who think a season without one trophy each season is a failure.


Premier league: 2nd place
Champions League: quarter finals
FA Cup: winners
League Cup: Semi-finals