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Five in Five: The transfer window

Here's part two.

Pete Norton

We had part one up yesterday. Today we look at transfers with the question "What are your thoughts on the transfer window". (Note that this was mostly put together prior to the completion of the Eliaquim Mangala transfer).

Suffering Bruin: This is season numero dos of going for multiple bodies instead of dipping into the superstar bin. The results are fantastic, in my opinion: City could field two teams that would easily finish among the top ten in the league.. Last season, we got a badly needed winger and striker, a defensive mid who might be the best at his position on the sceptered isle, and a kid who might be the most improved player in the league this season (Jovetic). I'd call that successful. For an encore, we got a badly needed defender, another tough as nails defensive mid, an extremely competent back-up goalkeeper and a seasoned vet at right back. The City organization is the best in the EPL.

Zac MacPhee: I think it's been quite good. We've cleared some deadwood, brought in one very good and proven Premier League player, finally sealed the Mangala deal and strengthened are greatest area of need and Willy and Fernando bring even more depth. Oh, and we've picked up a potential future starter on the cheap all while securing important loans for young fringe players.

KMoney2405: I am quite pleased with this transfer window. Sure, we didn't get those "sexy" names like many of City's rivals did, but we signed players in positions that needed depth and improvement. In the past this hasn't been the case, so I'm excited about this season.

Harkiano: All in all a satisfactory and well managed window with targets identified early and brought on board without too much fuss - the Mangala saga aside! Caballero and Sagna will increase pressure and competition on the two first choice players in their respected position, Mangala is a key signing as a long term partner to VK and Fernando should represent an upgrade on Javi Garcia.

Frank Lampard was a surprising deal but will help fulfil English quotas and will bring a wealth of experience for 6.months. Zucculini is one for the future. The most notable departure, the £10 mill deal for Rodwell is good business all round and I expect further outgoings before the window closes, with several other fringe players hopefully bringing in revenue to balance the books.

KhokanDATTA: I have my reservations from long term point of view but for short term, it's been excellent. I am confident Willy Caballero will be "more than No. 2" at the least. Not many have seen Fernando play, but for team balance we needed a good DM who is not unhappy if dropped to bench & it seems we have got one. With transfer cap imposed & 3-4 spots to fill, getting a player on free transfer made perfect sense & Sagna is just that - PL proven, enough experience, can play at CB too & we now have 2 best RB's of PL.

We desperately needed a defender & Pellegrini's tactics needs a CB who can play high line, capable of tracking back on the break & good on the ball. Mangala fits the profile but with only one stellar season (12-13) behind him, it looks a bit risky at that fee. However, it seemed that Pellegrini & Txiki were utterly convinced about him & emerged as their No. 1 choice - that conviction from manager is very important. His age woud make it possible for City to mould him in their style of play & that's an added advantage. Mangala is the most exciting signing for City this season.

I feel that Txiki's masterpiece could be in the way he sells our deadwood. We have fetched £10M for Rodwell & another £10M for Garcia would be fantastic. Good fee for Sinclair, Micah, Guidetti & it strengthens us financially for next season.

Danny Pugsley: There were a number of areas targeted at the end of last season and the brains trust have delivered, assuming the Magala deal is completed. The Lampard move I was surprised with but having thought more on it he could be set to play a larger role than first thought. Injuries leave a cloud over the strikers so the pre-season form of Jovetic will be important.

They have worked well with some of the loan moves for those players who could be a season or two away from a regular squad spot (Huws, Lopes) and getting £10million for Rodwell was excellent business, as talented as he can be. All in all, a job well done.

A J Howard: Although 2014 hasn't had the shopping spree feel of the past few summers, it still appears to be successful--at least before the season begins. City managed well in the face of regulations on spending and wages and addressed a few important needs, while also doing surprisingly good work in the opposite direction. City seem to have a great deal of confidence in the majority of their Premier League-winning squad, and the pragmatic approach to this window reflected that.

The Porto pair of Mangala and Fernando have dominated the transfer discussion this summer, and rightfully so. Both fill glaring needs in the City side and should contribute heavily this season, especially in European competition. Beyond the two major needs, the club added necessary depth and experience in Sagna and Caballero. And recovering a reported £22 million from the Rodwell and Garcia departures was also an unexpected bonus, given how challenging it can be to unload unwanted players.

Of course it's possible fans could eventually look back at this window as a massive failure; it's too early to say definitively. However, if the club can stay within the regulations and the new players are able to fit in, it would be hard to imagine this window as anything but a success.

sonics097: I think we've had a marvelous summer. The club identified targets quickly- as early as the winter- and wrapped up deals near the beginning of the window, leaving no lingering questions about who was coming in. Now that we've got everyone in that we need we can start focusing on offloading deadwood. If reports on Javi Garcia's move to Zenit for around £13m are to be believed, then City's net transfer spend will be around £33m, which is excellent. On top of that, there are still more players who might be moved (Sinclair, Richards).

As far as squad depth goes, we look well-stocked in all areas. Sagna will be an important relief for Zabaleta; Caballero should push Hart; Mangala provides the strong CB partner we've been looking to give Kompany; Fernando provides strong cover in midfield + the flexibility for Pellegrini to use other formations; and Zuculini looks to be a good one for the future. I don't think we need anyone else and I don't see why we shouldn't be considered favorites again. The stark contrast between this summer and the summer of 2012 after the last title is incredible. If there's some metric that could measure both efficiency and the quality of players we've gotten, this might be our best summer yet. PS- enjoy, Platini :)