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Post Match Thoughts: We're all a bit rusty, aren't we?

Clive Mason

Boy was Arsenal on their game today. The first goal from Cazorla was a long time overdue as Arsenal looked the better side for much of the first half. After that goal City seemed to had figured it out, holding possession, being patient and looking for that opening. A teamwork centric goal from Aaron Ramsey ended that bump of confidence from the Blues and it seemed all but over after that.

Down two goals heading into the second half City made some changes, the most important came in the form of David Silva. The Spanish magician instantly made an impact as City attacked, attacked and attacked but to no avail. Olivier Giroud pretty much ended an comeback from City with a golazo from the top of the box, which avoided the outstretched glove of Willy Caballero. In the end it wasn’t meant to be for City and the Community Shield at Wembley curse continues, but the best time of the year is right around the corner and I can’t wait :).

This wasn’t the best way to end the preseason tour, but it isn’t the end of the world or the season for that matter. Would we have liked to see City put on a attacking display? Of course. Would we have liked the game to be a more competitive showing? ABSOLUTELY.That’s the one thing that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth after a game that means little to how the season will turn out. We just didn’t look interested from the first whistle, which is eerily similar to how I felt in the 2012/2013 season when we would look masterful in one match and a shell of a team the next. Now, it would be a rash reaction to think that this game foreshadows how our season will go, but it makes you question the holes the team has. All preseason we have looked very, very skeptical at the back and today was no different. There were times today where you would see what Boyata and Nastasic would do and go “what is he doing?!”, and that, obviously, is not a good sign. Granted we were missing numerous players due to World Cup and injury, but if they were to get hurt during the season, I don’t want to question how are team will fair without them.

The second half, minus an un-Giroud esq. goal, was a much better showing from City as a whole. It’s obvious ask to why this change happened; David Silva. He is such a playmaker and that takes affect on the entire team. In the first half we looked stagnant and flat footed, but in the second half everyone was moving without the ball, finding space and firing the ball at the net. Some timely blocks and solid goalkeeper kept City off the scoreboard, but it is something to build on for next Sunday against Newcastle.