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Everton Confirm Gareth Barry Signing

Former midfielder confirms exit.

Chris Brunskill

Confirmed by Everton earlier:

Obviously it has been long since confirmed that Barry was leaving the club at the expiry of his contract, with Everton the likely destination.

A couple of interesting points from the deal though worth commenting on. The three year deal: this feels a year too long for me. He clearly had a good season at Everton in 2013/14 but he's now 33 years old and having never been blessed with great pace there is the danger that he becomes very slow, very quickly. I haven't seen it reported that Barry had multiple offers but were Everton in competition with others and the extra year swung it their way?

It was also reported that City will pick up a fee of £2million as part of the terms of the loan agreement in place last season. Hardly a huge sum to in the grand scheme of things but a smart move nonetheless and an indicator of the more savvy approach under Begiristain/Soriano?

Having moved permanently Barry will of course be eligible to play against City in 2014/15. Think he's already circled the fixture in anticipation of having to contend with Silva, Nasri, Yaya et al?