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Yaya Toure confirms City stay

The Ivorian is looking ahead to a long future at the club.

Mike Stobe

The official site is carrying an interview with Yaya Toure from the recent US tour with quotes from the interview being carried around the various news outlets.

Toure discusses both the World Cup and the tragic death of his brother but the main talking point of the interview is that Toure is staying of course. But we don't really get to the heart of what was behind the original comments that eminated from the Toure camp immediately at the end of the last season.

What Toure does say is that "it was not a case of me wanting to leave the club. I stayed quiet, I believe that is the right way, and at the end of the day it's my decision. I will stay at Man City for as long as possible."

What Toure doesn't say though is who was behind the comments, why they were timed as they were and what was behind them. We know it is unlikely that an interview on the official site was going to dig too deep into the issues but we are left with a resolution to the situation, but without any answers being provided.

Did we expect any different? And ultimately, do fans really care?