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Ye Daily City: Villa, Lampard to NYCFC and a City Loan? (UPDATE)

Looks Like City's MLS Squad is Starting Off Well

Drawing a City paycheck?
Drawing a City paycheck?
Clive Rose

UDPATE: Villa is officially on board at NYCFC.

Multiple reports have Frank Lampard and David Villa heading off to New York for MLS duty. Lampard has been told by Chelsea officials he's no longer needed and Villa was photographed in Manchester. The 32-year old Villa has already said his farewells to Atletico Madrid and is seemingly much closer to being a "done deal" while the 35-year old Lampard-to-MLS rumors have been going for nearly a year.

This brings up several questions I wanted to discuss with some of the most knowledgeable readers on the internets (that would be our readers, thanks for asking).

  1. How excited are you about these potential signings? We're City fans so are we also NYCFC fans? For this, click the poll below.
  2. Suppose that during the MLS break, Villa and/or Lampard are loaned to Manchester City for a spell? Who do you want in uniform for a short period of time and why?
  3. What is your opinion of the MLS in general? Are you a fan or no?

My thoughts, for what they are worth.

  1. I'll just say this--I now have two favorite teams in the MLS, Los Angeles Galaxy and NYCFC so, yeah, I'm excited. Health permitting, there is but no question NYCFC will be contenders next season and they still have one more designated signing to make.
  2. This one is a little trickier to answer. Lampard, of course, counts as a homegrown player which means a lot these days (as an aside, Cesc Fabregas counts as homegrown). I'm convinced James Milner is leaving so we'll be needing some English infusion and perhaps Lampard will help there. That said, City is awfully crowded in the midfield and I'm not sure Lampard, at this stage in his career, is all that good for City. Likewise Villa as a striker; who does he play in front of? I'm not sure it makes a helluva lot of sense to use Villa ahead of any of Aguero, Dzeko, Negredo or Jovetic.
  3. As you probably know from question 1, I'm a bigger MLS fan than most of my soccer friends. My wife has  been following the game since the late 70's; she lived in Argentina during the WC of 1978 and I have several City friends in Los Angeles and none of them can stand watching the MLS. The wife says she gets put to sleep and my Man City friends all say it's like watching the keystone cops play defense. For me, all of that may be true but these days I'll watch any kind of football and the MLS has been improving in every respect every single season. I'm a fan.
Thoughts, good people?