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2014/15 Premier League Fixtures

There's bad news and good news but none of it is actually news at all.

Phil Walter

The fixtures for the 2014/15 Premier League season are out! Now, normally this is a day where people speculate endlessly on where points will be won or lost and which months of the season is going to cos X team the title/top 4/ Premier League status. Thankfully, we are in the middle of an excellent World Cup which will dampen a lot of that silly speculation.

The full list of Premier League fixtures (with various filters and search options can be found here (LINK).

Here are Man City's fixtures:

The bad news:

The Good news:

Before Champions League Group Games:

After Champions League Games:

Should we be worried by the seemingly tough sked to start the season? Maybe, but it is worth noting that City beat good teams, and bad teams consistently. We beat those teams both home and away.

I see nothing to worry about here. A good start is preferable, but it is not crucial as we saw in the way Man City won the title in 13/14.

Top 5 Teams