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World Cup Day 3: Open Thread


Ian Walton

Bit of a rare one today- 4 matches back-to-back-to-back-to-back. I can't recall having a day structured like that in the group stages of the tournament, but perhaps I'm wrong. Anyhow, today's schedule is as follows:

Colombia v Greece, 12pm EST (ABC), Group C, Belo Horizonte
Uruguay v Costa Rica, 3pm EST (ABC), Group D, Fortaleza
England v Italy, 6pm EST (ESPN), Group D, Manaus
Ivory Coast v Japan, 9pm EST (ESPN), Group C, Recife

My predictions:
Colombia 2-2 Greece
Uruguay 3-1 Costa Rica
England 1-0 Italy
Ivory Coast 0-1 Japan

What a day to savor for footy nerds all over the globe. Anyone planning on watching all 4? I hope to, but I'll have to make some time to do less necessary things like eat and shower. Oh well. I also still can't quite wrap my head around the idea of having a World Cup game on during primetime on a Saturday night in America (Ivory Coast v Japan). Awesome!

Open thread, fire away...