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2013/14 Player Ratings: Edin Dzeko

Michael Regan

Edin Dzeko (31 appearances - 23 starts and 8 as substitute): 8/10.

It is likely that Edin Dzeko will continue to divide opinion throughout his Manchester City career, yet his performances over the final ten games of the 2013/14 Premier League season will have surely endeared him to all regardless.

The very embodiment of the definition engima, Dzeko has at times flashed brilliantly. The focus on his play is often of what he cannot do: lack of pace, unsure first touch and a playing style that invites questions at his commitment but when in form - and, crucially, the team utlises his strengths - he is as threatening as any. Potent with either foot and possessing a powerful header he also has the ability to find space away from defenders.

Over that final stretch of the season when City were up against it in terms of the title Dzeko answered the call. With Aguero injured and Alvaro Negredo mid-slump Dzeko put up figures of pretty much a goal a game, but importantly scored crucial goals: go ahead goals and game winners as City pulled themselves up from the floor to win the title over that final week of the season.

Dzeko clearly responded to the approach of Manuel Pellegrini, with his City career on the line under Roberto Mancini with his minutes, and more importantly starts, evidence of the trust Pellegrini has. Dzeko seemingly will delight and frustrate in equal measure and this is unlikely to change. The feeling persists that he should deliver more than he invariably does but he certainly proved his worth over the course of the 2013/14 season.