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2013/14 Manchester City Player Ratings: Fernandinho

Clive Brunskill

Fernando Luiz Rosa “Fernandinho” (29 League appearances, 5 goals and 3 assists) 9/10

If you were to look up the definition of invaluable on the Google, or in one of those old fashion dictionaries, you’d see the definition of the word plus a picture of Fernandinho. He played with a team first attitude. I’m sure he would have loved to be scoring goals, but he was selfless and did what the team asked of him, and that was to play a little deeper and defend. His contributions may not have lit up the glamour stat columns of the scorer’s book, but his aesthetically pleasing display during a game was something I couldn't stop watching. His work rate, tackles, interception and calmness in the center of the pitch freed the likes of Yaya, Pablo and Kolarov/ Clichy to push forward and add more elements to our attack. Whenever an opponent looked to start a counter attack, you’d always see Dinho somewhere in the area of the player with the ball halting the attack. Always in the right place at the right time; a characteristic that can’t go unnoticed.

I am probably alone here, but I was kind of shocked to see he had scored five goals this season. That is not to say that he couldn't but I only remember a couple of goals. I know, I’m a bad fan L. But, I do remember his first goal with City against Arsenal because I shrieked, like Kolarov in the locker room after winning the PL this season, with excitement for him. He was consistently an 8-out-of-10 this season, and his overall performance leaves me no other choice to give him a 9.

Another one of the positive signings from Pellegrini’s first season as manager, the Brazilian had such a great campaign that he was called up into the Brazilian World Cup squad. This honor was something he deserved and it would have been heartbreaking if he were to not make it, not only for him but for me too, I love him too much to not cry if he had not made it.

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