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2013/14 Manchester City Player Ratings: Jack Rodwell

Jack Rodwell: (1 league start, 4 sub apps) 3/10

Rodwell in training
Rodwell in training
Clive Brunskill


Jack Rodwell, Premier League Champion. An incongruous statement if ever there was, bearing in mind the very limited role he had to play for City this season past. It is difficult to know what to say about Rodwell that hasn’t been said over and over for the last 4 or 5 seasons of his career.

A talented, dynamic midfielder who is quick over the ground, possesses a strong passing range and especially towards the conclusion of the 2012/13 season, demonstrated his attacking ability when selected by Mancini in a more advanced role, Rodwell simply needs to play football. When on the sidelines, it is not always easy to gauge as a spectator whether Rodwell is officially injured, lacking the required levels of match fitness to feature or simply unable to break into the strongest squad in the country. When he has appeared, he has hardly covered himself in glory, understandably rusty considering his lack of game time.

The ensuing season really does feel like make or break time for the 3 times capped England international. Even if fully fit and playing at his best, Rodwell is highly unlikely to supplant Yaya or Fernandinho in the central midfield berths. A move to a mid-tier competitive EPL side – I would argue a loan deal would be the best move for all parties concerned – would surely enable him to play more regularly and return to City a stronger more competitive individual, if fit. As ever with Jack, it is a big if.