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2013/2014 Player Ratings: Matija Nastasic

Oh What Might Have Been

Jan Kruger

Matija Nastasic (13 appearances): Inc/10

10 Random thoughts on a player impossible to grade.

  1. The City brass have no idea what’s wrong with Nastasic but they’re sure something is wrong.
  2. No, really—they have NO clue what’s up with Matija.
  3. He might be done in a City uniform which is a shame; he was clearly the best young defender in the league last season. The vision of Whining Rio making the all BPL team ahead of Nastasic still makes me throw up in my mouth.
  4. Nastasic's last time on the pitch for Man City was not pretty, indicating it's not just the injury but a dramatic loss in form that's adversely effecting his career.
  5. A product of the FK Partizan academy. The rivalry between Partizan and Red Star Belgrade is every bit as intense as Celtic-Rangers used to be.
  6. Question: How much better or worse would City have been if they had a healthy Nastasic? Answer: It depends on which Nastasic you're talking about. Would last season's version top the great work Demichelis did in the latter stages of the campaign? There is but no question that last year's version would have been an improvement over Demichelis overall, who struggled mightily and memorably in the early parts of the year. I wonder about this question because of all the players I was most eager to see this season, Nastasic was right up there. A 21-year old CB who isn't just competent but a budding star is a relatively rare find.
  7. Born in Valjevo which is, from all I can find, a gorgeous place that will attract more than one thrillseeker.
  8. Whither Nastasic if he is no longer with City? Where do other City defenders go when they run out of favor? Liverpool, of course.
  9. If this is it for him, it'll be too bad because he always seemed like an exceedingly cool guy.
  10. At his best, against Real Madrid no less.