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2013/14 Player Ratings: Aleksander "The Wolfman" Kolarov

Stu Forster

Aleksander Kolarov (21 League appearances) 8/10

"Kolarov the liability at left-back," is sooooo last year. I'll be the first to admit, at the beginning of this season, I'd do the whole eye roll and sigh when I saw him in the starting XI. This year, though, has been quite the revelation for the Serbian defender, or is it just his true talent under a likable manager? We may get our answer next season, but if this is year is any indication of what he can be then I'm pretty happy to have him remain in the sky blue. I have to take a minute to step back after writing that, because if you asked me this time last year I would be banging my knees to get on the "Kolarov-out" bandwagon. But no, not this year.

We all knew he had a vicious left boot, but this season he displayed how dangerous it could be in attack. This season Kolarov had seven assists and one goal, but the passing accuracy is what stands out at 81.2%. The stats don't tell the whole story, as time after time he whipped a bullet of a cross into the box. Some connected, others didn't but it was that threat that had defenses on their heels. In defense, he proved that he wasn't the liability we all thought he was. This is not to say he was a world class defender, but he was competent enough to stop the attacks from opponents. And, like many of our defenders, he was excellent in the air, relieving pressure on Hart from having to come and claim crosses in the box.

Also, I would like to keep him around to continue to scare the holiday spirit out of any children following the 25 days of Christmas videos on the City website. I mean jeez Louise; I still have nightmares of him and that wolf! Good season Kolaclause, look forward to seeing you in 2014/2015.

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