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David Silva Out '2-3 Weeks'

Alex Livesey

Per the MEN reporter Stuart Brennan earlier today:

Such a diagnosis would put Silva back in contention for the final week of the season which sees City playing three games (Everton away, Aston Villa at home in the re-arranged fixture before finishing up by hosting West Ham), meaning he would only miss this weekends trip to Crystal Palace.

Given Manuel Pellegrini has previously spoken of the difficulty in Silva playing such fixtures given the issues with his ankle at best Silva may feature in the Everton and West Ham games, although given the potential importance of the final week it may be that Pellegrini tries to find a way to accomodate him in all three - even if only for 45-60 minutes.

All of which indicates quite how important and integral Silva is to this City side and although the performance last night began to dip after half-time it was noticeable that there was a feeling of 'let's take what we've got' when Silva went off injured.