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Ten City Links

Lots of reading for the weekend

We're trying, kid. We're trying.
We're trying, kid. We're trying.
Alex Livesey

Ten Links for the weekend. Let's hope some of the results break right for us, people.
  1. We'll be without Yaya Toure, David Silva and Jesus Navas on Monday. Has this been the most injury-ravaged season since the era of the Sheik? Anybody know? I mean, jeebus.
  2. A buddy of mine asked how FFP will affect us. My answer? I have no idea.
  3. Yaya is exactly right. Fans appreciate him but the awards for my favorite player haven’t been handed out. I’m not just talking PFA Awards; he’s not even making PFA teams. Part of the problem is how conspicuous he is when he’s off but when he’s on, there are precious few mids in the world I’d rather have on my side. He’s the best midfielder in England and still the most underappreciated superstar of my lifetime.
  4. We share your frustration, Manuel. We really, really do.
  5. Who is sick to death of these rumors? (Every hand in Europe raises high.)
  6. Decent reading, this. I knew we played a lot of games this season but I frankly lost track. We've played 52 matches to Liverpool's 39. And we've suffered many more injuries than the Reds.
  7. Robbie Savage says Pellegriniis to blame for all of our problems. And those who give a rip, raise your hands now. Nobody? Okay then. Moving on.
  8. What's our main problem? Wealth fatigue. Say what now?
  9. Maybe we just don't have enough Englishmen.
  10. Fast forward to about 3:30 to see City's future.