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Ten Links: City Looks Toward the Latics

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Feeling Good!
Feeling Good!
Jamie McDonald

LINK THE FIRST: Aguero/Negredo--Forwards, March! Been far too long, if you ask me. Edin? Take a seat over there, son. You're back to super sub status until you're told otherwise. (WARNING: Daily Mirror link so take news with a Gibraltar-sized grain of salt).

LINK THE SECOND: Messi & City: While this story and this one could both be filled to the very brim with (ahem) 'bovine scatology', I still think it happens before Lionel turns 30. I've got nothing to back my opinion other than an instinctive feel, which may be more credible than whatever source is fueling those links but I still think it'll happen.

LINK THE THIRD: Rival Fans Class It Up: This would warm the heart of even the most cynical, jaded and frankly bitter fans on the planet. Like, you know, United fans.

LINK THE FOURTH: Yaya's Goal: The play button on this? Getting bruised often, thanks for asking. Martin Tyler can narrate my life any time he wants.

LINK THE FIFTH: Ferndinho's Golazo!: All due respect, I'd take him over Gareth Barry any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

LINK THE SIXTH: Micah Moving On: I'm frankly stunned how many players who dominated in the 1-6 game are currently either on the bench or on their way out. Glichy is a back-up now, Milner hasn't seen the pitch in an age, Balotelli is gone, Lescott is all but gone and now Micah. My tactical titan Marc Kets damn near bit my head off when I said there was a constituency developing after the 1-6 game that Micah could be the best RB in the world and was most certainly the best in England. Perhaps it's just selective memory on my part but I vividly remember him stepping in during the championship season as a CB and playing his backside off. A great attitude, great humor and if he's gone, I'll miss him.

LINK THE SEVENTH: Blackface?It's never, ever a good idea. Just say no, people.

LINK THE EIGHTH: Racial Abuse and Spitting? Also, not a good idea. I mean, jeebus, people.

LINK THE NINTH: More Yaya: I've always wondered why Yaya isn't universally thought of as a truly great player. This might be the reason.

LINK THE TENTH: Uwe Rosler: Damn right, I'll be standing when his name is announced.