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Preview: Arsenal v Manchester City

Alex Livesey

Last season was the first time we've won an away game at the new Emirates Stadium. That win makes it the first victory away at Arsenal since 1975. Tomorrow morning, we're going to win our second in a row.

That's right, why wait til the end of the article to discuss the beat down that will happen? Let's enjoy it at the beginning!

Alright, so I don't necessarily think it'll be a walk in the park, but I do think that we'll win 3-1. I pick Dzeko, Nasri, and Jovetic to score.

Team news: Pablo Zabaleta is indestructible. I was convinced that his leg was broken during the derby. When the collision happened with Welbeck, the NBC Sports commentator Arlo White was not appropriately concerned. He said it looked bad, but that both players were ok. I wanted to properly throttle him for not being worried about our Zabba.

I should have known better. He can't be stopped by a hamstring tear (came back next game), dirty tackles, elbows to the face, or even a gob of spit being launched at his head by despicable, moppy-headed Belgian jerkwads.

David Silva is available, although I wonder how much he will play after recovering from a knock. It wouldn't surprise me to see him play 45, and then get subbed off at the half if we're up.

Sergio Aguero is close to being back, but not for this week. Nastasic and Micah are also missing.

My team picks: Hart, Zabaleta, Kompany, Demichelis, Kolarov, Fernandinho, Yaya, Milner, Silva, Nasri, Dzeko.

I would go with Dzeko again up front, as he does better in away matches. Arsenal will be suspect to crosses into the box without Koscielny, and Dzeko can find some good spaces to make instinctual touches. I want to see Negredo come into the game at the 60 min mark, even if that means playing next to Dzeko. He needs to get some chances on goal. We'll need him going forward.

Milner is a must for me, to give the fullbacks for Arsenal some problems, as well as keep guys like Rosicky and Podolski under control. I would then bring on Navas at the half for Silva, and re-arrange those 3 attacking midfielders.

All in all, I'm really looking forward to the match tomorrow. I pick City to keep their title hopes rolling along, and will be hoping for Chelsea/Liverpool to drop some more points.

Come on City!!!!