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Match Report: City 0 - 1 Chelsea

Laurence Griffiths

The home unbeaten and a goal scored at home streaks may be over, but the season pushes on. No need to dwell on this for too long (if at all), City have to bounce back this weekend and put in a strong performance against Norwich. From what I heard, Chelsea was dominant throughout most of the game. And, unlike some other times this season, Chelsea didn’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of our defensive errors.

The first half started the way City would have hoped, getting early chances to score the first goal. But, Chelsea was able to get some good chances to break the deadlock, as well. It was end-to-end stuff throughout the contest, and especially during the first twenty minutes plus, but City held most of the possession during the half. Sadly, it was Chelsea who would be the one’s to get on the opening (and eventually only) goal of the game through a blasted shot from Ivanovic, which beat Hart for a goal. 1-0, Chelsea.

During the second half Chelsea were not to be denied chances, as many of their shots hit the goalies best friend (AKA the goal post).Towards the later stages of the game City had their chances to equalize, but near misses by Silva, Yaya and Dzeko, plus some great saves from Cech kept City of the scoreboard. In the end it was Chelsea who deserved the three points, as they were a step ahead of City tonight. Hazard was excellent, and the Chelsea defense stood strong enough to withstand our chances. Navas sounded like the most threatening of the City players this afternoon, as his pace caused issues for Chelsea all game. Obviously, the presence of Fernandinho and Aguero were certainly missed, but you can’t use that as an excuse as to why we lost.

Fernandinho has been ruled out for a month with a muscle strain, this is a huge blow to not only City, but Fern as well. His pace, intelligence and work-rate will be surely missed. And, since he is competing for a much-deserved spot in Brazil’s world cup roster; this is a tough blow for making his case to get that spot. But, for City, this gives the likes of Rodwell, Milner, Garcia and Lopes a chance to make an impression on Pellegrini going forward. There success will be extremely important during Fernadinho’s absence.

How did you see the game go? Are you disappointed with the outcome, or somewhere in between? I think the picture sums it up pretty well.