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Game Thread: Manchester City v Barcelona

Clive Brunskill

I don't know about the rest of you, but I haven't gotten a single thing done at work today. I've been a bundle of nervous energy, just waiting for the game to start so I can calm down.

Team sheets are in! Here's the City squad: City_v_barcelona_medium

Couple of surprises, but nothing too major. Looks like Lescott loses out to Demichelis. Clichy starts at LB (better defensively), while Kolarov moves up to play left midfielder. That'll shore up the defense, especially if Yaya and Fernandinho both go upfield.

Silva looks set to play in the hole behind Negredo, with Navas stretching the field on the other side. The substitution options seem pretty straightforward, with Pellegrini able to swap Kolarov for Jovetic or Nasri, depending on what the game needs, and moving Silva to the left. No word on the subs yet either.

Haven't seen anything about Barcelona yet, will update when something comes out.