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City v Everton: Game Thread

Chelsea slips up; can City capitalize?

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

First, a personal appeal: Have we learned our lesson to not crown league champions in November yet? We have had countless examples in the past and here we are again: Chelsea draw against Sunderland, now they lose to Newcastle. Sure, they might still win the title in the end. But conclusions should not be made in November. There is still so much footy to be played. End of rant.

Now, lineups are in:

Mangala returns for Boyata, Fernando in for Fernandinho (being rested for Roma?), and Milner comes in for the injured Jovetic, as Dzeko is probably not ready for a full 90 yet. The darling 4-5-1 returns.

Meanwhile, Everton look to be playing 5 at the back which means Coleman and Baines will be running their socks off up and down their flanks.

Think we can take a big chunk out of Chelsea's lead today? Comment away...