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Sergio Agüero's Contribution vs Sunderland

Goals, assists and an ability to create offense were all on display in abundance during City's 4-1 victory over Sunderland. Her'e a quick look at just how good Agüero was last night.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Here's a quick stat line from Agüero's game last night:

  • 2 goals
  • 1 assist
  • 5 shots
  • 2 shots on target
  • Was responsible for 50% of Manchester City's shots when on the field of play (6/12)
These stats are awfully basic and are merely the things we can quantify at a quick glance. Agüero's contributions to Manchester City's attack shouldn't be solely judged by how many goals he scores but his overall play. Goals aren't the only way to judge a players attacking contribution and they aren't the best way to judge it either.

Agüero contributes tons to Manchester City's shots total on a weekly basis but it is often the Argentine's ability to find space in dangerous areas of the field, to carry the ball effectively, to break the oppositions lines, and crafty movement off the ball which are the most valuable contributions to this vaunted Manchester City attacking scheme.

Agüero is brilliant with the ball at feet, he is brilliant off the ball and my Lord is he deadly when shooting the damn thing. It is worth noting that this was at least the third game in a row that Agüero has been lights out for Manchester City. This is a hot streak of form from a player who, at this rate, is pushing ever closer to the level of Ronaldo and Messi.

Here's some GIF's from last night.

Agüero's First Goal

Pretty shocking in its sheer force.

Which Scared The Life Out Of Jozy Altidore

That is a pretty big flinch from a very big man.

Agüero's Assist For Manchester City's Second Goal

A beautiful 'feel' pass from Agüero into the path of Jovetic.


Squint your eyes and tell me who this player reminds you of?

Agüero Makes It 1-4

Just look at Aguero's movement: timing, the slow jog to lull the defender into thinking things are OK and then BAM!...that burst of pace to get away from his marker and onto the excellent pass from Milner. It's a thing of beauty.

Anyway, I get the feeling I could make these GIF's about Agüero every single week.