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City draw Barcelona in the Champions League round of 16

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Given the familiar look that this season's Champions League competition has had for Manchester City it was perhaps inevitable we would reprise the 2013/14 version even further in today's round of 16.

Barcelona it is then but this is where the similarities may end. If you recall a year ago it was a performance that City would love to get back given - at home in particular - there was a sense of trepidation to their play. Hindsight may play a part here of course given how Barcelona's season ended there was a frustration that City could, and perhaps should, have done far better.

In some ways it is a new look Barcelona now. Luis Suarez of course arrived and Neymar has more of a settled role. Clearly it will be a huge challenge for City but there has plenty been said about a maturation or coming of age of the squad in the Champions League. They certainly have a chance to go on prove it.