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Match Report: Leicester 0 - 1 City

Michael Regan/Getty Images

In the first half it was the usual City, holding possession and trying to pick apart the Leicester City defense. For much of the half it wasn’t easy sledding for the Blues as they couldn’t find that one opening because of the packed Leicester box. Leicester were not to be held down either, as a couple of attacks from the Foxes almost put the ahead. An opportune intervention by Mangala on an attack left Leicester City’s best chance at a goal as just a corner. City went ahead late in the second half when Nasri got into the box and sent a pass across the front of goal and the always well placed Frank Lampard added to his career and season goal tally.

The second half was much less riveting as City looked to protect the lead, though they attacked quite often, and Leicester tried to break down the City defense to no avail. The last ten minutes Leicester attacked with urgency but the back line held the Foxes, who were bereft of ideas, scoreless. As we have seen this season the second half with slight leads have been nail biting. But today’s game ypu  could just tell that City were going to hold on to this lead no matter how many times we’ve seen 1-1 draws. In the end it was the third consecutive clean sheet for the boys and another three points to keep pace with Chelsea.

It may just be a 1-0 win over a side City should beat, but it’s more important because holding on to slight wins like this is a true sign of champions. No matter how off City may be that day, fighting through for a win is all that matters. Unfortunate timing and injury for Dzeko before the game, with Aguero out City will need to find other scoring options, which shouldn’t be hard. The loss of Kompany again is very unfortunate because I still have yet to trust Mangala and hamstring injuries are nothing to mess with.