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Roma v City: Game Thread

Everyone's watching.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images


Bottom line: we'll have to be at our best. Key players are missing through either injury or suspension, leaving Pellegrini with a less than ideal squad for this crucial tie. Roma's squad is a very strong one. This will hopefully be a great match that goes City's way.

A reminder of the permutations:
- If City win and CSKA fail to win, City advance. 
- If City get a scoring draw (ie, 1-1, 2-2, etc), and CSKA lose, City advance. 
- If City draw 0-0, City are out. 
- If City lose, City are out.

No need to get into the permutations for Roma and CSKA. City's targets are the only ones that matter right now.

How's everyone feeling today? Confident? Worried? Cautious? Comment away...