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November Loan Report

A brief roundup of our on-loan talent

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso

The purpose of this roundup, which I hope to make a monthly feature, is to provide a snapshot of how all of our young players (plus Micah) are doing on loan. Aside from Lopes at Lille, I really doubt I'll ever get around to watching any of these teams play over the course of this season. So if any of you readers has happened to catch a game or two for any of these players, feel free to add more info in the comments. It would be much appreciated.

Stats are difficult to come by for the lesser-known leagues, so I've decided to compile most data from transfermarkt (basically the equivalent of an online Football Manager database, and one of my go-to sites), and performance ratings + in-depth stats from WhoScored, where available and relevant.

So, a disclaimer: I know these stats and ratings can't give the most accurate picture of how these players are doing, but they're the best thing I've got right now.


Name Position Club Starts Subs Bench Injured Minutes Clean Sh. Goals Assists WS Rating
Adam Drury RB/RM St. Mirren 8 1 1 2 692 0 3 1 N/A
Ellis Plummer CB St. Mirren 7 0 0 3 597 0 0 0 N/A
Dominic Oduro RB Mouscron no data - - - - - - - -
Jason Denayer CB Celtic 10 0 2 0 856 4 3 1 N/A
Micah Richards RB Fiorentina 4 2 5 1 326 4 0 1 6.72

Oduro plays in the Jupiler League, and according to WhoScored he hasn't played yet. They also don't even have him listed on their roster, so I don't know what to make of it.

Plummer started the season playing every game for St. Mirren, but a combination of poor results and I'm assuming poor individual form has led him to be absent from the matchday squad since September 19th. Not looking good for him.

And Micah hasn't exactly been getting many minutes in Serie A either, though he has played in every Europa League game so far.


Names Position Club Starts Subs Bench Minutes Goals Assists WhoScored Rating
Bruno Zuculini CM Valencia 0 1 4 45 0 0 6.51
Albert Rusnak CAM SC Cambuur 11 1 0 1010 3 2 7.29
Marcos Lopes CAM Lille 7 5 0 666 1 1 6.58

Additional stats, per game:

Name Aerials Won Tackles Pass Accuracy Key Passes Crosses Shots Unsuccessful Touches
Zuculini 4.0 2.0 76.9% - - - -
Rusnak - .8 82.0% 2.0 2.1 1.9 1.0
Lopes .4 .6 79.2% 1.7 .7 1.8 2.6

The stats in bold + italics indicate that the player leads his team in this category. In most cases that's good, but for Lopes it's not so good for unsuccessful touches. I also didn't include injuries in the first table since none of the players have been hurt yet, and figured that clean sheets were irrelevant for this position.

Lille only have 6 assists on the season, so we shouldn't be too alarmed that Lopes only has 1 assist. Looks like they haven't exactly been firing on all cylinders so far. I'm sure Marc L would have some more info on them. He has 666 minutes played in all competitions so far though... eerie.

As we can see, Zuculini is not playing for Valencia. This isn't good. Most of us had high hopes for him after he impressed in the summer tour of America. Maybe we can recall him in January?

Rusnak has been on fire in Holland. The Eredivisie is known to be an attacking-friendly league and the young Slovakian has fit right in, helping Cambuur reach 5th place in the current standings, which is surely higher than most would have expected. He also has 3 MoTM awards, which leads the team. He's also played in all but one game this season, which indicates his importance to their success. I've never really felt like Rusnak was very high on City's radar so it will be interesting to see how much impact his season will have in the coaches' minds.


Name Position Club Starts Subs Bench Minutes Goals Assists
John Guidetti CF Celtic 8 1 0 596 9 4
Devante Cole CF Barnsley 10 5 0 1084 5 1

Once again, neither player was hurt and clean sheets are irrelevant. I know a lot of people want to know more about how Guidetti is doing but unfortunately WhoScored doesn't have in-depth stats on the Scottish Premiership. Celtic also didn't get to register Guidetti in time for the Europa League following the deadline day mix-up, so they'll have to wait until the knockout stages to get the Swede registered for that competition.