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City v Bayern: CL Game Thread

Yep, this is THE definition of win-or-go-home.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Throwing the thread up early today for a few reasons:
1. CSKA and Roma are currently playing Moscow, and it's 0-1 Roma at the half. Totti scored just before the break. If anyone's watching, let us know.
2. City's U19's ran Bayern's U19's off the pitch earlier today, 6-0. 
3. It's a big day of European football in general, so this is your spot for comments, thoughts, and community for the day.

I'll update this post once the lineups for our match are out, so be on the lookout for that. I'll post in the comments when it's ready.

Okay, lineups are in:

Lineup more or less as expected. I'm a little surprised to see Sagna starting but I guess Pablo can't play every game. Couple surprises on the bench though, as Jose Pozo and George Glendon are present from the youth squad. I imagine if our FFP sanctions didn't restrict our European squad size, this wouldn't be the case.

Bayern's squad is a strong one despite being guaranteed for first place. I've no idea who Hojbjerg is but aside from him, it's still a scary lineup.

UPDATE: CSKA equalized in Moscow with 10 seconds of added time left, meaning the group standings are as follows:

1. Bayern, 12 pts
2. Roma, 5 pts, -4 GD
3. CSKA, 5 pts, -4 GD
4. City, 2 pts, -2 GD

Why are we still alive in this group? I have no idea. None at all. But we somehow are. Yes yes, before posting about how unlikely it is that we advance, let it be known I'm merely stating the mathematical situation. City could lose to Bayern today and still have a chance to advance on the last day at Rome, which is really weird to think about. It would take a big scoreline, but we'll address that later if we need to. And a win today would put us tied on points for second place, though we'd be behind Roma still because of UEFA's senseless tiebreaker rules... crazy stuff, right? Thanks for the lifeline, CSKA.

(Also, it won't let me attach a picture for some reason, so sorry for the lack of visuals today!)

How's everyone feeling about today's match? Nervous? Scared? Excited? Comment away...