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Five Thoughts: Manchester City 1-0 Manchester United

City's Sixth Win in Seven Derbies

Shaun Botterill

Part the FirstThis is the dumbest thing you'll read on the internet today.

Part the SecondThis is also dumb and should result in Marouane Fellaini being suspended, not that I'm counting on the FA to take action. They should, though. We all remember this, right?

Part the Third: If you took a shot every time Michael Oliver stared straight through an obvious PK for City, you would need a ride home. United came within a few fingers on Joe Hart's glove to leveling when by all reasonable accounts, they should have been trailing by at least two goals before things went to hell for City in the last 20 minutes. Aguero took a cleat to the Achilles before Fellaini decided to go all Cro-Magnon. Other oversights included Aguero getting tripped and Yaya getting clipped--all of this within the 18 and nary a PK to be found. I actually like Oliver as a referee but he's gotta reflect on what a penalty actually is. He could start by looking at the three clear examples in today's match.

Part the Fourth: Yaya Toure got the MOTM; a badly needed solid performance from City's most embattled player. Aguero certainly deserves plaudits galore, as does Hart. If I had  a vote, I'd go for Gael Clichy, a late addition because Kolarov pulled up lame in warm-ups. The left-back position took unending amounts of heat this week but solid defensive work on ground and in air along with a game-winning assist should put such talk to rest for the near future. Truth be told, City's players acquitted themselves quite well after their week from Hades, with one notable exception.

Part the Fifth: After the match, Pellegrini claimed the players got complacent after Aguero's goal. With a half-hour to play, whether through complacency or poor substitutions, United had dangerous chances despite being a man down, a makeshift back line and cramps galore. True, the players equated a lead with comfort. That said, subbing off Aguero and James Milner for Edin Dzeko and a rusty, gimply Samir Nasri turned out to be risky business and it says here that United's most aggressive play coincided with these moves. Pellegrini absolutely needed to either direct his team to aggressively attack or put in the third central mid to help hold possession and the lead. Neither occurred. Again, if not for the hand of Hart, our mood would be a whole lot different.

BONUS THOUGHT: United put forth the most expensive starting eleven in derby history--250 million dollars. That would be a quarter of a billion. Doubtless when we travel across town, that record will be broken. United's owners also have a mountain of debt while City's owners have nary a red cent to their name. But it's City's spending that needs to be reined in, right? Financial Fair Play is stupid and a contradiction in terms.

Poll! You  know what to do.