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Ye Daily Links: Looks Who's Back (Managing, That Is)

Mancini Back in Serie A, Kinky Reminiscing and Poll!

The Man at Milan
The Man at Milan
Mike Hewitt

During the international break, we're going to try and post some daily links on a daily basis unless things like work, family, and life get in the way. In the comments, feel free to post sundry suggestions of things that should go into future columns. For now, enjoy your daily dose. To wit:

  1. MANCINI AT INTER MILAN: Look who's back! I want to say his return is best for him but he was successful last time around and all but run out on a rail. My own opinion is that he'll enjoy success, might win a title or two and then wear out his welcome. I'm not familiar with Inter's financial situation but if they don't get the players Mancini wants then that situation is already a ticking time bomb.
  2. KINKY MEMORIES: Thanks to the boss for recommending this walk down memory lane. Kinkladze = most fun player we've ever had, right? Right?
  3. NEW YORK KITS ARE UGLY? Really, world press? We're going to get knocked for creating the same shirt as the mothership? Isn't the whole point to have a worldwide brand? In my entirely unbiased opinion, the kit looks fantastic.
  4. NASTASIC MOVING ON? Matija, we hardly knew ya.
  5. BARKLEY COMING IN? If you Google 'Manchester City' and 'news', the first five stories are about Ross Barkely costing us 60 million pounds. On the one hand, that's a chunk of change. On the other hand, the most popular theme of Manchester City chat boards far and wide is Yaya Toure: how badly he's playing and how we really need to replace the lazy so-and-so or else the team will sink slowly into the sea. There are times where I don't blame Yaya for feeling unappreciated.
  6. QUEENS PARK MELTDOWN: I honestly don't remember thinking anything was happening outside of the ordinary in the match, but apparently QPR lost their minds over Man City getting a free kick.
  7. LA LIGA IS THE BEST LEAGUE IN THE WORLD: Well, if Moyes says so, it must be true. Might make a great poll question. Billy Haisley over at Deadspin had a terrific breakdown of the leagues in this piece. I have no idea how to rate one league over the other but I do know the English teams get screwed over in the CL by the refs because they play much more physically and don't dive as much. Additionally, it's been awhile since the Prem has had a 'super' team that kills everybody, like a Real Madrid, Bayern Munich or Barcelona. To me, that's a good thing--the same team winning every season gets a little boring. Hell, it's bad enough we've got the teams competing for the Prem title year after year. Of course, FFP will fix that (as knowledgeable soccer fans fall on floor laughing).
  8. GORGEOUS ETIHAD PICS: I thought this was pretty cool. One of these days, I'm making the trip from sunny Southern California to my own personal soccer mecca. These pics are really whetting my appetite.
  9. MESSI TO CITY, PART MCLXXVII: How long has it been since we've had a "Messi to City!" headline? Just in case you haven't gotten your fill of them.
Poll is below. You know what to do.