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Mancini back at Inter

Giuseppe Bellini

It was mentioned in the Daily Links earlier today that Roberto Mancini is back in football. Mancini will replace Walter Mazzarri at Inter after Mazzarri was sacked after 17 months in charge.

It doesn't in any way diminish the feeling for Manuel Pellegrini or disregard his achievements but I think there is undoubtedly plenty of affection still remaining for Mancini (and a certain wistfulness from the majority of the media) around the club. It is strange to think that it is only 18 months since Mancini left City and amidst all the pictures and reminders of recent successes around The Etihad Stadium it is noticeable how little a nod there is to Mancini himself.

It shouldn't be forgotten that his time in charge coincided with City's ascent to the summit of the English game, throwing off the shackles of the long old trophy-less spell by not only winning the FA Cup and Premier League title (not to mention, as I'm sure Mancini would, the Community Shield) but fostering the shift in culture and attitude of the squad and club after taking over from Mark Hughes.

We know he has been prone to the odd headline grabbing moment in recent times but these were not without some merit and being out of work may have felt the need to keep his profile raised. As much as anything though maybe he felt that his achievements and contribution were in danger of being forgotten.

We also know how and why his time at the club ended, and there weren't many who didn't accept - however grudgingly - that his time had come but his appointment at Inter will hopefully allow for some reflection on his contribution to City.

Perhaps it's time to dig this out again.