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Ye Daily Links: International Break Edition (Part 2)

Dzeko hurt, FIFA is corrupt (shocked) and other stuff of interest

Ronald Martinez

Until the international break is over, my goal is to post as many links as possible, on a daily basis, unless I'm interrupted by holidays (like Veteran's Day), family stuff, work stuff, etc.

Speaking of work, how do you get the job of World Cup lobbyist? Or how do you get to be the guy on the other end of the bribes that were clearly used during the bidding process which resulted in Russia (2018) and Qatar (2022) getting the WC? This is a serious question because I could use the raise in pay but I don't know if my moral sense could take it.

Links are below:

  1. The FIFA probe, such as it is, will be released tomorrow but you can read a brief summary here. The entire report will never be made public because, you know, FIFA.
  2. Edin Dzeko, by far our healthiest striker over the sheikh years, is hurt because this year we can't have nice things.
  3. We're going to read a lot of stories like this every time we struggle.  I maintain that if Pellegrini goes, it will be because of three things: he loses the locker room, the team falls even further off the pace and one of either Guardiola, Klopp and Simeone become available. But all three of those things have to happen (the first two are probably tied in together). And if all three happen in January, we could very well see a change.
  4. Morocco is taking a pass on the African Nations Cup. Yaya Toure, for one, is not happy. Near as I can tell, most of the continent is a little reticent to host thousands of fans with an Ebola crisis happening.
  5. Kompany will not play for Belgium and selfishly, I'm fine with that.
  6. Would you have wanted Gotze? He was on the receiving end of an "incredible" offer from us if Bayern is to be believed. Given the choice between Gotze and Isco, I would rather have had Isco.
Poll question below. Until tomorrow, people.