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Ye Ten Daily Links: International Break Edition

No games for two weeks doesn't mean there isn't news

Clive Mason

So here's how these links are going to work. I'm going to try to do this every day during the break. I'll scour the web for City stuff but I'll post anything y'all come up with in the comments, provided it meets my extraordinarily high standards (does the link work?). For now, enjoy these. We find out that Pellegrini's good nature is being tested but not his job, that Dzeko has a mancrush on Silva, that everyone loves Sergio and that getting hit in the face by a ball can, will and should get you some free stuff.
  1. Pellegrini is safe, according to ESPN.
  2. Pellegrini is irritable, according to just about everybody.
  3. Bleacher Report got an exclusive from Edin Dzeko. He's not quite as boring as James Milner but it's close. Edin really likes playing with David Silva and hates the Manchester Weather.
  4. Bacary Sagna says if the rest of the Citizens played like Aguero, their team would be really good. Bacary Sagna is correct.
  5. Apparently, City's most die-hard and devoted fan has been wearing this stuff for years, even in the hooligan days. That's brave.
  6. Warning: video is scary, especially for those of us who have raised kids. Good on Yaya and QPR for taking care of her afterward.
  7. Any of you miss Tevez? He had a helluva nice goal for Juventus in a 7-0 stomping of Parma. We've got a rule against youtube clips so google it yourself but if you miss Tevez or don't, leave a note in the comments. Hell, I might even put up a poll.
  8. The MCFC website, still the best in the Prem, has an update on loaned players. Guidetti continues to light it up for Celtic, granting that Celtic is way above everybody else in the Scottish Premier League. Negredo got a 70th minute sub but is still looking for his first goal.
  9. Joe Hart playing Cricket? Okay, Joe Hart playing Cricket.
  10. For this space, we'll play a tabloid game. Which quote is being taken out of context? Our subject is Manuel Pellegrini and our tabloid is the Mirror. It won't take you long.
BONUS LINK: Personally, I like Gary Neville as an analyst but anytime a rag gets owned, it's a good thing. Don't mess with Noel.

Again, feel free to leave any links in the comments. Your daily poll is below.