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Five Thoughts: City Surge

Praying Villa is a Portent

Clive Brunskill

Part the First: The Best We've Ever Had

Zac is on to something here. On the precipice of disaster, City's two best players of the last ten years came through when their team needed them most. I'll disagree with Zac mildly on Villa being Silva's best performance in a City shirt (I'll take the 1-6 match) but I'll concur that Silva's role was never more dominant and never more necessary. Frankly, without David Silva doing what he does best, City doesn't win and that goes double for the much-maligned Yaya Toure. Yes, he might've been given space but I also noticed Yaya before he got the pass that led to his match-winning strike: he called for the ball. Yaya was like a kid, open, yellng "pass it to me" and when the ball finally came his way, he turned into the Yaya of last season. You remember the one--the guy who essentially took games on his back, as if to say, "I got this." And that's what leads me to believe Yaya is finally, truly back--he took the game over with one magnificent play. It was a classic "I got this" moment and I'm thinking we're going to see many more from my favorite player ever.

Part the Second: Fernando Es Muy Importante

New nickname for Fernando--The Wall. Or the bus or some damn thing that represents his ability to make sure the ball does not pass by him. Hell, maybe Gandalf works ("You Shall Not Pass!"). We need something and we need him because with him, the attacking players (and yes, Yaya is among them) are virtually relieved of their responsibility to defend. That may be overstatement but not by much; it's hardly a coincidence that Fernando's entrance led to Yaya scoring. One of the smartest City fans I know said in week one that Fernando would be seen as the best signing of the summer. He wasn't talking about just for City; he was talking about the league as a whole. I think Diego Costa has that wrapped up and I've got a serious mancrush on Angel DiMaria's game but Fernando is a helluva player.

Part the Third: Whither Navas

One of the players I missed in predicting the lineup vs. Villa was Jesus Navas at right wing. I honestly thought he would play. James Milner, fan favorite and media darling, is getting so much playing time he's negotiating a deal. And good for James who has played quite well but that does leave me wondering about Navas. Kolarov is changing off with Glichy, Jovetic was being rotated when he was healthy, we'll absolutely see Fernando and Fernandinho getting minutes but Navas doesn't seem to be getting playing time. He was City's best player in preseason, he is City's fastest player and might be City's best player with regard to crossing the ball. There's not doubt other teams could use him. I'm just not sure why City hasn't been able to.

Part the Fourth: There's a Man-Child Coming!

Speaking of looking good in preseason. Let's just say I'm excited by the news.

Part the Fifth: Poll!

You know what to do.