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Match Report: City 0 - 2 Newcastle United

Richard Heathcote

Coming off a tough loss at the weekend I, along with all of you I’m sure, were hoping for a bright response against a team that City handled quite easily at the beginning of the year. Sadly, that wasn’t to be today and a struggling Newcastle took advantage of the mistakes of City’s defending and got an early goal. In the sixth minute a poor pass from Fernandinho was intercepted by Rolando Aarons, who then made a fool of Caballero and beat him near post. With an early goal it allowed Newcastle the ability to sit back and defend, and counter attack when they saw the opportunity.

It wasn’t all bad as most of the great chances were in City’s favor as chance after chance went array, making it seemed as if City just weren’t going to score. All the hard work to get back into the match became moot in the 75th minute when a solo effort from Moussa Sissoko put the visitors up 2-0, which wound up being the final score. As I mentioned above, this wasn’t the response I was hoping for from the boys, but one can only hope things get better at the weekend against Man U.

If the loss wasn’t bad enough it seems that Silva picked up an injury right before the goal, which is a huge with a game against our fiercest rival coming up on the weekend. On the plus side, the likes of Milner and Jovectic seemed to shine in this match, though shinning wasn’t hard with the performances by most of the team (from what I could hear) this afternoon.

Forgive me for my briefness as I was only able to listen to the game via the radio and couldn’t really give a great write up. With that being the case, give me your thoughts? How did City look? Are you frustrated, not too effected, etc.?