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How do City fare in the Price of Football survey?

Laurence Griffiths

A little something newsworthy today came with the release of the annual 'Price of Football' survey from the BBC. It's their take on how much fans are being charged for the matchday experience, rating across a number of categories.

City grabbed some positive headlines due to their cheap season ticket (at just £290) which puts them way ahead of other clubs. They fare pretty well too in the other areas such as cost of food and programmes, plus they score well in terms of 'value per goal' with each home goal netted costing £4.75.

For the praise the club get over the cheap season ticket offer, plus the reduced prices for certain cup games, there is a concern at the cost of matchday tickets (i.e. those you can buy on an individual game basis) which have crept up noticably this season. The Liverpool game for instance would have set you back £58 and there is more than just anecdotal evidence that fans are opting out of certain games (the highest profile one being the recent Bayern Munich tie in the Champions League, which is not part of a season ticket package).

I know a fair amount of you are based overseas but it would be interesting to get some thoughts in the comments section regarding prices; Have you been priced out? Is opting out of games something you are considering? Would you still go regardless? How do Premier League prices compare to US sports?