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Mancini: I built current Manchester City team

Claudio Villa

Former City boss, Roberto Mancini, has recently said in an interview “I’m happy that Manchester City is one of the best teams in England because I built this team”. He went on to talk about the players he had brought to the team, and how their impact has been the most present, especially in the goal-scoring category. He went on to compliment Pellegrini for the job he is doing, but added at the end “…But what is happening now at Manchester City, we did three years ago. It’s the same”.

Mancini discussed the title race last season and said, “…I did my job, I built a fantastic team, we played fantastic football and we didn’t win last year only because Manchester United bought Robin Van Persie,” following up with “He was the difference, if not I think that would have changed the history in Manchester over the last three years.”

How do you feel about the former City boss speaking up about the team, and his contributions to their current success? Is he justified too, or should he, which is not his style, keep it to himself? Personally, I have no issue with him saying these things, because they really aren't a jab at Pellers or the team, he just wants the credit he deserves.

Here’s a link to the article with quotes and video: