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Post match thoughts: City 5 - 0 Blackburn

Chris Brunskill

Well that first half was, well, predictably unentertaining. No flare or guile, just a workman effort by those who took part, which does produce goals. There were some chances for City to get a goal ahead, but Blackburn did well to keep us wide and make sure we were off the scoreboard. Just as it looked as the game would go into the half scoreless our talents exuded itself as Fernandinho broke away with the ball after an unsuccessful corner from Blackburn. It looked as if Blackburn had stopped the attack, but Navas sent Fernandinho down the wing, and then crossed it into the charging head of Negredo.

In a span of about 2 minutes game time, and 17 minutes real time, Kolarov sent a beautiful long ball down the middle, which found Negredo who put the chance away for his second goal of the game. Once we got our second goal, it was really just a free for all, but only Negredo and Dzeko were playing for the most part. But, I think you will all agree with me here, the biggest moment was after subbing on only a minute later Aguero found the back of the net. Not only was it with a minute of subbing on, but also it was his second touch of the game! The first of which came right before he kicked it goal-ward. In a way only Sergio could, he comes back and scores within a minute of being brought on, geez I love that man (AND I’M NOT AFRAID TO SAY IT). In the end, we really just poured it on and it wasn’t as if we were trying to rout Blackburn, but you can’t just stop playing the game.

Our last couple of games has not been our prettiest, and today’s was no different although I think the weather played a part in the beginning. But still, not at our best and while resting most of our first team starters, we were able to scored 5 goals and conceded zero. This is a testament to the talent of riches at Pellegrini’s exposal, and one he has no problem with, I’m sure. The effort of the team can be deemed as “solid” football. Now, next up for City in the 4th round of the FA Cup is Watford, a replay of last year’s 3rd round. Now, I have Navas as my choice for Man of the Match, but I know there were several other deserving candidates (I.e. Negredo or Dzeko(?!)). In the end I went with Jesus because I feel his efforts should not go unnoticed.

It has been talked about with no end, and for good reason, that Pellegrini should (is) be noted as a great player manager. The resurgence of Dzeko, Kolarov and Nasri are examples of that. Now, this is just because I am a lover of him, what if Balotelli were still at City? Would Pellegrini be able to turn around the troubled striker? Or would the inevitable happen, which it did last year, he’d no longer be at the club. And finally, am I just crazy for thinking this, which may be true regardless if you think that or not!

Negredo (8) – Great freezing the ball up top, and spreading it out to teammates. Clinical stuff from the Spaniard, and he stays hot. The great part about Negredo is that even if he is uninvolved for most of the half, he will find a way to get chances.

Dzeko (8) – He had some good chances, and then some chances he tried to create for himself. But, he is in a goal scoring mood and finally found an opening and his teammates found him, which ended up in the back of the net. Another solid outing for him.

Navas (8 MotM) – Jogging, or what would call sprinting around the field winning the ball back and trying to find teammates. Pressuring defenders and back passes. His passes set up two of the three goals for City. His first may not have led to an assist, but it began the build up.

Fernandinho (6) – He had a quiet go today, but that wasn’t too surprising. His one moment was his great work to set up the first goal, even if his best moment came some time after his initial attack, which was his cross for Negredo’s goal.

Milner (6) – Tiring the left side of Blackburn’s defense by making a nuisance of himself in the Blackburn half, much like Navas. He is coach’s dream he’ll defend if you need, or he will tire the defense out. And, what a bullet of a free kick, goal or not!

Garcia (6) – He does have a tendency to make a poor pass in the midfield, but he has been better at avoiding that. Other than that he was a good safety valve for City’s attackers and had solid top of the box defending.

Richards (6) – Bombs forward like that of Zabaleta, goes into challenges with reckless abandon. He made important blocks and kept with his man very well. Good comeback from injury.

Lescott (6) – To be honest, I’m not quite sure what to put here. He wasn’t flawless, but he definitely wasn’t bad. Was wall-like in the box as he always is, just an average day for him, nothing wrong with that.

Nastasic (6) – His aggressive tackling and game reading is a blessing and a curse, like that foul right outside the box. But, he can just bully attackers at times and he has a knack for that timely interception.

Clichy (6) – Continues to impress with his 1 v 1 defending, but those crosses when no one is in the box and losing his man in the box are things I could do without.

Pantilimon (6) – Had one big save to make and he made it. Before that, he goaltended with confidence, which almost got him in trouble very early on.

Kolarov (7) – The way this man has been playing this year, there really aren’t words to describe it. Oh, and great pass to Negredo for his goal, I guess.

Aguero (6) – What a way to come back into match fitness, huh? Got his chance and he sure didn’t miss!

Huws – Hello, young buck.