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Stoke Move For John Guidetti

Alex Livesey

The expected loan of John Guidetti was confirmed by the player himself earlier this afternoon:

There had been mention of a few times interested in taking Guidetti on loan but Stoke emerged as the front runner the past couple of days with comments from Mark Hughes reinforcing this.

It is a move that Guidetti clearly needed. He finds himself in a difficult position at City, even if he is effectively the fourth striker in terms of the depth chart. Having shone on loan at Feyenoord many would have expected him to make a step up either at City or securing a season long loan in the Premier League last season. The past eighteen months however have been devastated by injury and a long rehabilitation period.

Guidetti does find himself at a crossroads though. Realistically he faces an uphill battle to force his way through the pack at City and he has missed so much playing time at a crucial age. How fit (in terms of match fitness) he actually is is really an unknown but he needs significant minutes between now and the end of the season for Stoke for Pellegrini to make an assessment on both his short and long term future.

In theory there should be an opportunity for him at Stoke under Hughes - who will certainly be aware of him - with the incumbents in Stoke's squad far from shining this season. As ever with Guidetti though, his fitness will be the key.

If he can prove this then this will provide the opportunity to show he can cut it in the Premier League. Succeed at that and he may, just may, have a future at City in the long term after all.