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Samir Nasri Out For 8 Weeks

Stu Forster

Samir Nasri has been ruled out for around 8 weeks, a major blow to the player and to Manchester City. After some initial reports from various news outlets that he would be out for 6-9 months, the news has come in that he will not be out for that long.

The first glimmer of hope came from his girlfriend on Twitter, who couldn't help but break the story first.


Gotta love the age of Twitter, when girlfriends/models break the stories before the team or the player. It appears that she was referring to the length of time he would be unable to train, as now Nasri has come out and given the official news.


To be honest, this is much better news than I was anticipating. It was such a dirty, despicable tackle that I thought he could miss quite a bit of time. As it stands, Nasri will miss through at least both legs of the Champion's League matches against Barcelona, as well as at least 8 Premier League matches.

It will be interesting to see the tactical decisions that Manuel Pellegrini makes to replace the creativity that Samir has brought this season. Hopefully Stevan Jovetic will be back soon, so that Pellegrini has some more options for attacking midfielders.