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Manchester City 2014/15 player ratings: Wilfried Bony

Michael Steele/Getty Images

(10 League appearances, 2 Champions League) - 3/10

(all stats are with Manchester City)

Well, these ratings are for his time with City and that time was not very great. I hate to do that do him, because I do think he wil do good things, but I don't play around!

As a January signing, the Africa cup of nations delayed his arrival to the club, which saw him get less games with the team. Add injuries to that and he barely stepped foot into the pitch, especially with Aguero being the more selected choice for obvious reasons. Bony had some great looks during his run of games for City but wasn't able to capitalize on them, scoring only two goals.

Now we look to next season. If Bony is able to show the form he did with Swansea for two seasons prior to joining City, then I think he'll be a valuable assets to the team. His aerial ability and toughness in the box will be key for City. With the attacking options not being the tallest, someone who can get up and win headers with the best of them will be extremely valuable next season. We still have to see how the summer transfer window goes, but I look forward to seeing Bony get some real quality minutes next season.