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2014/15 Match Previews

Who Will Pellegrini Select Against United?

Who Will City's Key Players Be In The Derby?

City v West Brom: Match Preview

The real turning point of the season.

City v Barcelona: It Does Not Look Good

With City's struggles becoming more and more commonplace, a Round of 16 departure looms.

City v Barcelona: Match Preview

Can City do a Houdini?

Clarets v. Sky Blues. Who shall take the points?

Here we take a look at the points that will mold the momentous match up at Turf Moor.

City v Liverpool: Preview and likely teams

Who Will Pellegrini Select Against Barcelona?

A Question Often Asked: How To Stop Barcelona?

A look at how Manuel Pellegrini's men can go about taming the Catalans.

City v Barcelona: The Key Players

This battle heats up as the clock ticks down to the enthralling Champions League match.

Who Should Pellegrini Start Against Newcastle?

The race to the line continues...

A look ahead to City's weekend clash against the Magpies.

Who should Pellegrini start against Hull?

Who should Pellegrini start against Chelsea?

City v Sunderland: preview, TV and stream schedule

A new approach?

Pre-match Recon: Spurs Q&A

Catching up with our friends over at SB Nation's Tottenham blog.

Pre-match Recon: Bayern Q&A

Where we discuss quantum physics.

Preview: Man City v Arsenal

Preview: Manchester City v Stoke City

Preview: Manchester City v Newcastle

Pre-match Recon: Newcastle Q&A

Where we find out where Tupac really is.

Pre-match Recon: Arsenal Q&A

Where we ask all of humanity's most important questions.