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Poll! Who Makes Us Sweat?

As Many as Six Sides have a Shot at the Title

The EPL Promises a Fight to the Finish
The EPL Promises a Fight to the Finish
Michael Regan

Most of us have picked Man City to win it all and why not? We got depth, we got great players and we just waxed the rags. But other than the inestimable shuddertothink, has anybody noticed just how competitive the EPL is this year?

Tottenham: I honestly thought Spurs would suffer without Bale but they have thrived. Thrived, hell, shudder called them 'destroyer of worlds' and he might've been understating it.

Chelsea: I honestly there would be an adjustment for Chelsea with the new (albeit brilliant) manager but they gave Bayern all they could handle and they got talent galore.

Man U: The rags are the rags--I hate them, too, but they are defending champs.

Arsenal: Was it only within the last month that Arsene Wenger had no idea what he was doing? He seems to have caught on and that Mesut Ozil can really play some football.

Liverpool: Hell, Liverpool looks better than last season and the biter is back. You'll see this in the poll but I maintain that *nobody* gave us more trouble over the last two seasons and especially last season.

So, blueboys... who makes the heart drop a beat as of this moment? For me, it's Tottenham.