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Five More Thoughts: Who's Better? We're Better

Blueboys Batter the Rags and there's Good Reason for it--We Really Are Better

The Best Player on the Pitch was Wearing Blue
The Best Player on the Pitch was Wearing Blue
Michael Regan

Who's Better?

Part the First: Yaya Toure is better than Carrick, Fellaini, Giggs, Scholes and whoever else the rags want to put in midfield. Yaya is better with the ball at his feet than any of those guys, he is miles better going forward, as good if not better as a passer, as good if not better as as shooter and frankly is just better, period. Two years ago, Paul Scholes finished fourth in the PFA voting for player of the year. Two years ago, in the most important game of the season for either side, Yaya Toure handed Scholes his backside in a 1-0 win. Today, Yaya Toure played a better match than any midfielder has played in any EPL game this season. I'll repeat what I've written and said for two years because even amongst the City faithful it hasn't really sunk in--Yaya Toure is better than any midfielder United has to offer.

UPDATE: This comparison should never be made, ever again, as long as the world continues to turn.

Part the Second: Vincent Kompany is better than Vidic and Whining Rio. He's better in the air, better on the ground, better running the pitch, better marking the man, better going forward and backward... just better in every way you can name. Rag fans and video game makers can come up with any number of rationales but any claim otherwise is being made by folks who are simply not watching the games. If I was offered Vidic and Ferdinand both for Kompany, I would do the sensible thing and say no because Vincent Kompany is better and that's been true for at least a few years now.

Part the Third: We are better than Man United head-to-head, speaking of things that have been true for a few years now. They beat us in the FA Cup two years ago after Whining Wayne and Whining Rio waved their arms around and got Kompany sent off and they won last season when RVP--the best player United has and the only reason why they won it all last season, thanks for asking--and that's it. In every other match, we've beaten them and it's not like it's close. The FA Cup match, we came back a man down and damn near pulled it out. In last year's match won by RVP, we were a deflection away from drawing. In every other respect, we've been better.

Part the Fourth: We are better in the front office. In the transfer window, the rags bid for and were rejected by Cesc Fabregas (who didn't want to play for them), bid for and were rejected by Thiago Alcantara (who didn't want to play for them), made three separate underbids--for the same amount--for Leighton Baines and Marouane Fellaini, getting rejected all three times before finally getting Fellaini for a drastically inflated price at the last possible moment and they perhaps realized today that he is not the player they need. This is a club that signed Nani to a 5-year deal so they could relegate him to the bench, that wouldn't let Shinji Kagawa go back to Borussia Dortmund because he makes the practice squad look good, that claims to need a creative midfielder and instead got the polar opposite in the bruising Fellaini. In short, I don't know what is motivating the rags but I'm glad the powers that be that run that circus are not in charge of our side. I'll take Negredo, Navas and Fernandinho in the short-term and add Jovetic in the long-term as evidence that our front office is better than theirs.

Part the Fifth: Poll! You know what to do.