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Five Thoughts: Ye Five Derby Links

Random Clicks from the Internets

Let's See This Again
Let's See This Again
Scott Heavey

Link the First: Nice article from Chris Bevan of the BBC on the history of this derby before Sir Alex Ferguson. The 1980's is now considered "back in the day" and yeah, I'm feeling older by the minute.

Link the Second: Count it down from sixty, people. Whining Wayne throwing a hissy because someone dared ask him an honest question. And as we all know, that is just not done to rags. The part where he says he never wanted to leave and never said he wanted to leave? I laughed.

Link the Third: I don't agree with all of the selections but this video is pretty damn cool. My number one nominee--from what I still think is City's most dominant performance against the rags (and I love the 1-6 game, do not get me wrong) was this epic put-away by the captain.

Link the Fourth: Hey, rags? The answers is a resounding "no" because one guy ain't nearly as good as the other.

Link the Fifth: No link but a poll! And you know what to do.